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    Choose the Wedding Car That Suits Your Own Style

    People are different and they express their differences in many ways, as is evident in their choice of wedding cars, for example. Some like something traditional from the times of the vintage and classic car periods while others prefer a themed car from, say, the James Bond movies, or a very modern car that spells ”today”. It depends on a few factors. Personality is often a good indicator of the type of car a bride, her groom and family may favour. Another is budget since not everybody can hire an expensive car for the wedding day. Whatever one’s motivation, the vehicle is most likely as important to most couples as…

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    Window Cleaning Services Offer a Viable Business Opportunity

    If you’re looking for a business opportunity that you can start on a beer budget, let me share something with you. In this down economy in which many professionals are being laid off and Wall Street seems to be the only group making a healthy profit, there is one interesting distinction. There is a business that is continuing to grow in spite of the economy. The window cleaning service is a multi-billion-dollar operation that seems to be steadily growing. You probably are thinking that the idea of cleaning windows couldn’t possibly make you any money. How could there be a substantial market for something that seems so menial? I’ve got…