An OPPO A15s Camera Review


With an exclusive pre-loaded photograph of your face, OPPO Custom Android phones allow you to make the best style choices to compliment your individual facial features. Through the innovative self-made Front AI Beauty software, OPPO Custom Aesthetic mode automatically captures a picture of your face based on your input, instantly suggesting and providing a unique self-made style solution. It uses OPPO Pure Photo Scanner technology that utilizes face recognition technology for generating high quality, photo-realistic pictures of one’s face. Through OPPO Custom Android phones, you get the freedom to design your mobile phone and experience a number of innovative options that will not only allow you to express yourself creatively, but also make a unique fashion statement. OPPO A15s

With OPPO AED Titanium clip, users can enjoy a range of exciting mobile applications and features such as: OPPO Tilt & Turn, Moxier Audio Boost, Cool Glow Display, and Highlight Display. Through OPPO Tilt & Turn, you can capture special moments with friends and family or just simply want to make a video call – whatever the occasion, OPPO Tilt & Turn lets you do it comfortably and effortlessly. With the power of Moxier Audio Boost, you can experience a sound experience that is both dynamic and energetic. You can now hear live performances from artists from around the world with the use of OPPO Audio Boost.

Along with the OPPO AED Titanium clip, users can buy the optional OPPO Color Viewfinder that allows them to view photographs taken in all lighting conditions. In addition, the OPPO ColorViewfinder can also be used to preview photos on the go. In addition, with the AED Titanium clip, users can buy the optional OPPO Anti grapple Pen that offers users protection against bumps and scrapes. With an anti grapple pen, OPPO guarantees protection for their a touchscreen smart phones like the iPhone and Blackberry.

To conclude, OPPO is a leader when it comes to smartphone accessories. Their other accessories include OPPO Charm Case, which is a stylish thin skin, OPPO Dash, that makes use of a high-end speaker and OPPO Nano Case that has a flexible silicone skin. OPPO Nano Case comes with an OLP Protection that provides users protection from scratches and other damage to the phone’s body. Moreover, OPPO Ringing Caller is a unique ringtone caller that lets you know who is calling you through your exclusive tone.

When it comes to camera features, the OPPO a15s has one of the best shooting modes that allows for great photo quality. The OPPO Selfie mode allows for taking pictures without using any image filter or flash. Moreover, OPPO uses a 2.5D curved lens and has a five megapixel primary camera and a twenty megapixel secondary camera for making panoramic shots. With the OPPO a15s, you get a fully functional camera with an accurate optical zoom as well as other image enhancing features such as face recognition.

The OPPO a15s also has a built-in Noise Filter which eliminates irritating background sounds. The OPPO Nano Crystal Display is clear and color coded making it easy to browse the web or watch videos on your TV. The OPPO Flip Color Portrait Camera is convenient for taking clear images of family, friends or pets. The internal digital camera also makes it easy to download images directly from your phone. You can also import photos from your computer or other digital devices using the SD card reader incorporated into the camera.

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